i saw something in the "gallery" that is not in the shop, is it still possible to get one?

we may be sold out of that item, but please reach out to find out if it's possible to make a new one. we'll try our best!

where can i buy things?

in our shop section! we are trying our best to get and keep the shop stocked, however we make very small batch clothing and ceramics. get in touch if you see something you'd really like, and we can discuss the possibility and a timeline for when we can get it ready for you! *i'm also sometimes selling ceramics and clothes at local markets and events in and around revelstoke, bc. follow us on social media for updates on where you can buy things irl!

international shipping?

send me a message! I'd be happy to give you an accurate shipping quote on a personal basis.

i thought u lived in revelstoke?

Ceramics are currently being made out of the Nanaimo Ceramic Arts Centre, where I am the artist in residence until December. If you live in Revelstoke and find shipping outrageous, get in touch! thank you!

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