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the soft stuff

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the soft stuff

clothes + accessories


we started with the basics


making clothes is something we've dreamed about for a long time. over the years our shared project has gone through so many phases of ideas, and we talked endlessly over what we wanted to make, but also what we wanted to wear. 

it is no secret that the clothing industry has a huge environmental impact as well as its track record for perpetuating a cycle of inequality and unfair treatment of people around the world. 

so how can we do things differently?

to be honest, we're not sure. with the amount of new clothing being released into the world how can we begin to justify using new materials, wanting new things, creating new things? 

our clothing at this point is a somewhat selfish pursuit, of making things we want to wear and so we can share them with you, and hopefully one day we can make this project into something more sustainable.


here's what we are offering:

  • we've decided to start small: small batch, small selection, entirely made by our hands... for now.

  • we spent many hours trying and retrying patterns and prototypes to develop these two basics, and we're so happy with how they turned out. 

  • for our first run of clothes we've used the most sustainable options we could afford at this stage. 100% organic cotton for our t-shirts, and our fleece is made locally in montreal.

  • we already have so many great new plans for ways to improve, to use recycled materials, to source more sustainably and we can't wait to share them with you as we go!


the cropped T

perfectly cropped, flattering fit.

we've developed our basic women's t-shirt to be perfectly cropped to be be worn loose or to be comfortably tucked in. 


the cropped sweater

very similar to our t-shirt, we developed our pullover sweater to be comfy, flattering, and surprise: cropped.


also similar in length, we love the way this sits just below the waist, and pairs well with high waisted pants. 


the hard stuff


ok, ceramics time. 

all our ceramics are handbuilt by kaisa, now in revelstoke, british columbia. 


what does that mean?

all the pottery is pinched by my own two hands. i love the texture and intimacy that comes from the marks of my fingers, and how comfortable they feel all fired up. i paint and draw the motifs using what is called underglaze. i usually work with a porcelain clay, but have been also experimenting with red clay lately. 

the pottery available online is quite limited quantities, but don't hesitate to reach out if you see something you like, i would be happy to make you something similar when i can! 



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